Thursday, February 26, 2009

And I missed the picture!

Came back from the build site, did a few things here and there, and went into the lair to get something; I forget what, since the shock of the scene put whatever I'd had in mind clean out of my head. Here were Butch and Click, sharing a sunny spot!

They weren't exactly curled up together, but they were definitely reposing in the same place in a fair display of amity. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and knew that, as much as I've bitched about their behavior, no one else would believe it either. So I ducked out from the door blanket and ran to the scriptorium to get my camera. Naturally, when I returned they were nowhere near one another.

No, without documentary evidence I don't ask or expect anyone to take my word for it. Everyone familiar with the actual property knows damned well that no two creatures on earth despise each other more than these two always have, so it was possibly an hallucination.

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