Sunday, July 26, 2009

All of a sudden there's hummingbirds?

The last two summers I've spent here, I've been up to my ass in hummingbirds; all sorts of hummingbirds. Early this summer I set up my feeder as usual, and hardly got a damned thing. It wasn't worth the bother. The neighbors got hummingbirds, but I got nothing.

But all of a sudden they're around, so I went ahead and cooked up some nectar yesterday morning. Within an hour I had dogfights all over the yard.

They're a bit hard to photograph, though...

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MamaLiberty said...

I have not seen a single hummingbird since I came to Wyoming. :( My mother loved them passionately, and after she died I put up feeders each year in her memory, beside the fact that I love to watch them too.

I don't have a feeder here, and have not seen any either, but I need to look for one. Maybe a few of these incredible creatures will forgive the fact that I have no trees and no flowers... the grasshoppers have eaten them all.

Forty years ago, my father in law would put out dozens of feeders each year in his large suburban yard. We used to sit out on the patio and watch the hummingbird wars. They are fierce fighters, and noisy devils in mass. He had many large flowering shrubs and big beds of flowers of all kinds, so it was hummingbird paradise.

Thanks for the memories. And the incentive to get a feeder of my own. :)