Sunday, August 30, 2009

Michael Jackson...



Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, told investigators that he gave the pop star a series of drugs starting with Valium and then Lorazepam, followed by a sedative - all so Jackson would be able to sleep. The drugs didn't work.
Actually they seem to have worked just fine.

Just on a hunch, over the second cup, I opened Google News and typed in "Michael Jackson." 81,409 hits. Granted that the guy could dance, and that none of his pedophilia victims seem to have suffered for it financially. Granted all that - still...



C.M. said...

I don't know Joel, There would never be enough money to let the guy who forced his pecker up my son's ass off the legal hook.

Well,unless of course I knew where to get my hands on an semi retired Nicaraguan interrogator.

Joel said...


Don't get me wrong, C.M. MJ should have got what he deserved a long time ago for that, at the hands of one of his victims or the outraged parents of same.

I'm just saying - now that he's dead, I do wish people would let him sink into the memory hole he deserves. He could keep TK company there. Instead, it's only all the misplaced TK hagiography that got him off the front pages. Briefly, no doubt.

C.M. said...

I guess the outrage is my point Joel. MJ was a walking freak show for sure, but I have a difficult time thinking that there are sooooo many bad parents out there that they essentially pimped out their kids by taking his money and shutting up.

What are they telling their kids? That the parents, everybody have a price that takes precedence over their duty to protect? The kids come second to money, that any atrocity can happen to them and money will make it all go away? Surely not everyone of his supposed victims has scum bags for a Mommy and a Daddy? This girl does not want to process that.

I will just have to believe the alternative: that his weirdness made him vulnerable to such unfounded accusations and it was blackmail. Opportunistic creeps that take advantage of a weird adult are just a tad easier for me to stomach then parents that pimp out their kids.

I know..... I look thru the world with rose coloured glasses...still.

C.M. said...

But I have to agree you fullforce, none of these guys appears to be dead enough to suit.