Monday, December 14, 2009

Have fun stormin' the castle!

I'm just going to sit back, cackle evilly, and let others prove my point now...


Anonymous said... started somethin' now, Joel! Shame on you! ;)

Emily said...

Neanderpundit may really have mis-chosen his moniker. Neanderthals had a larger brain than modern humans do. But that guy ... well, I don't know what size his brain is, but he sure proves your point by not using much of it.

I left a few words over there.

I don't expect them to understand my comments any more than he understood a word you wrote, Joel.

Emily said...

Just FYI ... I took the time to make some extensive and (I hope) well-reasoned comments over at Neanderpundit.

But somebody there -- I presume the Neanderthal himself -- obliterated my words and changed them into whiny, conservative idiocies of the very kind Joel was mocking.

... Once again, of course, proving Joel's point about conservatives being increasingly incapable of intelligent discussion.

Joel said...

I saw that. That was pretty low, even by "og's" clearly not very high standards.

Sorry that happened to you, E.