Tuesday, December 8, 2009


No problems at all. A little packed snow on the road in the mountains, but the plows had clearly been busy. Really light traffic most of the way.

The boys and Click have settled down from their meltdown now. I came home to a nice warm lair, since W left the heater on for them. There's mouse blood and guts all over the floor, thick mud that the boys tracked on my bed, and a week's worth of dust on the dishes I left in the strainer. All's well.


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Uncle W. said...

Welcome home, Joel. Sorry for not cleaning up ALL of the mouse guts Click left for you. :-( I scooped up some, but just felt that carrion duty was more than I signed on for.

And the heater was for you, not for the fur-bearing creatures. Turned it on just before you got home so you'd have a cozy lair. It's gonna be a tough adjustment for you after basking for a week in tropical Phoenix.

Good to have you back.