Friday, December 18, 2009

Stupid. And Juvenile. And Really Ugly.

Some days ago I posted an entry bitching about the decline in conservative rhetoric. I was just blowing off steam, didn't expect anything to come of it because nobody ever comments on my more political posts and that's fine, you know, it's my blog and I'll say what I want but nobody's obligated to listen.

I linked to another blog to illustrate my point, but it seems that got back to the blogger - who appropriately calls himself Og - and he took offense. Well, good; it did wonders for my readership numbers for a day or two and I got a kick out of it. He made fun of my dishwashing comment, and that's okay too because everybody knows real men never wash dishes. That's why the housewares department at Kmart does so well, because real men just buy all new when the dog refuses to lick them clean any more. Even dogs have some limits.

But then it turned a bit ugly. And juvenile. And really stupid.

A friend, who for some reason called himself "Emily," took it on himself to comment on "Og's" follow-up post to defend me. (It's a little-known fact that "Emily" is actually a guy, whose real name is Agamemnon Al-EmFourteensAreReallyWhimpy Bin Mega Jihad, and he is not to be trifled with. Do NOT call him "Aggie." Seriously.) I appreciated that, though I thought it unnecessary. I happened to see "Emily's" comment, though it only lasted an hour or two, and it was truly thoughtful and profound - IE, it said nice things about me.

And I kinda wish I'd kept a screenshot of it, because then "Og" changed it to read “You’re mean! So you’re wrong!” I thought that was pretty low, myself, but since my opinion of the level of discourse at that particular blog hadn't exactly risen in the intervening time, I just chalked it up to experience and forgot about it.

Until this morning, when I noticed that somebody was linking here from yet another page at "Og's" blog. Curiosity may have killed the cat but I'm not dead yet, so I clickied and found this post demonstrating that "Og" wasn't yet ready to let it go - and that his short-term memory needs some work. Because in addition to his usual bile - of which snipes at me were only a small part - he added this comment:
I love the comments- like from Emily in the post below- who has only one note herself. “You’re mean! So you’re wrong!”
Yo, Og? You wrote that, dude. "Emily" didn't. And isn't re-writing history and then swearing to it supposed to be a...well, a Liberal thing?

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CaptGooch said...

I know I'm wa-a-a-ay late for the festivities and all but ....
It seems that he is also so secure in his self image that he needed to remove the post of his that you linked to.

Curious that huh ?