Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There might be light blogging...

...Over the next several days. I had a chance to go to the SAR show in Phoenix with a friend, a chance I regretfully turned down when Fritz turned so sick. And when M & W urged me to rethink that decision after yesterday's burial, my first rather irrational reaction was that the last thing I wanted to do was take advantage of my buddy's death by going to the city and having fun at a humongous gun show.

But...well, that's stupid. Fritz is dead, and sitting around mourning won't help him.

This promises to be a lot of fun, actually. Normally my tolerance for gun shows lasts no more than a couple of hours; once I've seen all the repetitive tables, I'm ready to go home. I'm signing on for three whole days of it plus, which wouldn't normally be an attraction. But my friend has other friends who are exhibitors, and need help setting up and manning tables. That means that not only do I get to go to this famous show for the first time in my life, but actually rub elbows with some gun nuts who make me look like Paul Helmke. So yeah - there's only one variable I need to check, as to whether the Landlady is coming this weekend, which as far as I now know she isn't. Failing that, I'm a-goin'.

I'll bring the 'pooter with me, but don't know how much chance I'll get to use it. We're leaving tomorrow, and I don't believe I'll get back to the Gulch before Tuesday.

Gonna miss my boys, especially now that we are only three. That's a point against.

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