Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Winter's Day...

In a really bright December...

Yesterday was overcast all day, damp, miserable, but not very cold. This morning dawned bright, glorious, and f-f-f-frigid. The lair's water just barely didn't freeze, which was more than I deserved since I forgot to set the faucet dripping last night. Took half the morning before I could feel the tips of my fingers - very truncated walkie, then inside till it warmed up enough for chores. Some things can only be put off so long.

W left early on a chore of his own I felt pretty bad about. He'd bought pads and rotors for his truck on my promise that I could install them, but I should learn to look at the manual before making promises. A 2WD is easy to swap out the rotors on, but a 4WD like his requires special tools and wicker-man sacrifices. So he ended up making an appointment with the shop in town, and left this morning at eight after chipping away enough ice to find the windshield.

An hour and a half or so later I was confident enough that I wouldn't freeze solid in the yard, so forayed out of my warmish lair to get a few things done: Fill the drinking water bottles, empty the lair's black-water tank, change the generator's engine oil, burn some termite-ridden timber from old concrete forms, the sort of thing you want a nice morning for. W's been wanting to adjust the angle of the old solar panel array, so we did that as soon as he got back from spending lots of money on brakes, before the wind came back up.

I've got Beauty in the lair with me now after she tagged along for the afternoon walkie. I'm not sure, but I think we might have barely escaped coming home with yet another dog yesterday - W found a notice for a pit bull that needed a home while we were in town doing laundry yesterday, (I fixed the burst water pipe in the barn, but with M gone for the winter W and I decided to leave the water turned off) and was making noises about how "Little Bear needs another friend." To tell the truth, in my less lucid moments I've had the same thought since Fritz died so suddenly. It seems really strange to actually be able to use the floor for walking with all (both) the dogs inside. Seems kind of empty, and I have to laugh at myself for that because I sure used to laugh at Landlady & T when they were sharing their little place with the Four Brontosaurs. Back then, I wondered how they put up with it. Now I sometimes have trouble putting up with not having to put up with it. Weird, huh?

But it ain't hap'nin', at least not until we get some money issues worked through. Right now it just wouldn't be responsible behavior. But down the road...well, the future will bring what it brings.

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