Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Click and Little Bear just had a spat that could have ended badly for Click, and did end badly for LB. I had my back to it, so only heard what happened and saw the aftermath.

LB was getting a bit rough with Click, as he does sometimes, but this time I guess she'd had enough of it. I heard her spit, heard him yelp, and then saw her streak for her hidey-hole under the computer bench with him right behind her. She got away, of course, and while she peeked out I got up and spanked him back to his bed. It was only after the spanking that I noticed she'd laid his nose open with a claw which...I must admit would have made me mad, too.

But still, he started it, and since she's roughly the size of animals he considers food, BAD PUPPY! No chasing the cat!

I hope they patch it up; I already have problems when I let Beauty in, because she's terrible about chasing the cat and I live in fear of what what would happens should she actually catch her.

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