Thursday, January 28, 2010

More snow

It rained yesterday afternoon, turning to snow sometime overnight. Never got cold enough to freeze the ground, and this last installment has soaked the clay enough that the roads are getting really slick. Probably be impassible in 2-wheel-drive after the melt. Landlady's due tomorrow night or Saturday, and I think we may have to leave her car at the county road and shuttle her in with the Jeep.

During our morning Walky, LB finally answered my speculations about whether he's capable of catching rabbits. He wasn't happy about being called away before he had time to snuff up the last of the bloody snow, and snuck back while I was on the powerhouse roof cleaning off the solar panels. But the scene of the crime was only across the meadow, and he obediently came back when I called so treats all around. It looks as though worming him is just going to have to be a monthly thing from now on.

Speaking of treats - That growth on LB's paw has been diagnosed as a fungal infection of some sort, probably from a small wound I couldn't see through all the fur. Vet says it isn't dangerous, but I have to treat him with ointment and give him antibiotic pills three times a day. This is cutting severely into my cheese stash. This morning he spat the pill out of the cheese, then went back to it and apparently figured, "It's vile, but what the hell - he said it was a doggy treat" and ate it down anyway. He's dumb as a box of rocks and even more useless than that, but I love him.

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