Friday, January 1, 2010

What a year!

This entry was supposed to be told all in photos, but there are just too many. Last night and this morning I spent hours going over photos taken over the past year, and there were...well, a lot. I added a lot of memories this year, good and bad. I lost Butch the tomcat, Fritz the kopkruncher and Magnus the magnificent. I gained Little Bear the...large. Two old friends, M and W, moved in. I somehow managed not to completely alienate Landlady. We got M's well working and built the subway station. We built M's pantry/powerhouse and got his dome up. We finished the shell for the Secret Lair. We (well, W, but I helped) got the electrical system actually working. We smoked a generator and added a better one. Newer friendships were consolidated, with D&L, S&L, J&H and others.

All in all we made quite a lot of progress this year, through frustrations and triumphs, arguments and agreements. Not all of it shows: I find myself sitting in the same place as when I started this blog over a year ago, looking out through the same ice on the same windows. Sometimes it seems like we could have done more, and I suppose we could have but who's to say?

It's been an interesting year, and not always in the sense of the old proverb. I miss my missing boys, but that's karma I suppose. Two steps forward and one step back, but we're still on track. It's proving to be a hell of a ride. Thanks for being along on it with me.

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The Grey Lady said...

It has been great fun and interesting to boot Joel, thanks for inviting us along.

Best to you and yours from me and mine....