Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your morning dose of overbearing nanny

Via Tam, this bit of incredible horseshit:
NEW YORK – City health officials have battled trans fat and high-calorie fast food. Now, they're taking on salt.

The health department planned to release on Monday draft guidelines suggesting the maximum amount of salt that should be in a wide variety of manufactured and packaged foods.

The recommendations call for sizable reductions in the sodium content of many products, from a 20 percent drop in peanut butter to a 40 percent decline in canned vegetables.
Not just in NYC, you understand. These clowns want to tell General Foods how much salt they can put in frickin' Cheerios.

And why have they decided that Nanny needs to be so overreaching? Simple!
...simply asking the public to be more careful about what they eat hasn't worked...
Remember how we all laughed when the crazy "slippery slope" theorists said smoking bans would lead to this? Naw, we said. People have more sense than that.

Uh huh.

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Tam said...

Dude, how this can surprise anybody in a world where even your toilet tank size is dictated by legislation is beyond me.

They are the government. Nothing is beyond their reach. If they want to fly, they'll pass a law giving all of them wings.