Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little Bear strikes again

Despite rotten weather, the boys and I took a really long walky this morning. They were deprived yesterday because I had to work, and then I was feeling kind of puny all afternoon so the late walky was pretty short.

I don't know how he does it, but LB is getting good at catching rabbits. Today he scored a big cottontail, too big for even him to eat in one sitting, which caused him severe logistical trouble because we were a good mile from home and he was not letting it go. He kept running ahead so he could lie down and work on it, so the whole trip home he carried a steadily diminishing rabbit with him. When we got back to the property he kept trying to slink off, apparently convinced I'd take it away when we got to the lair. In fact I ended up having to leash him for the last part (he's gotten much better about leashes), then tied him outside until he finished it. Poor guy was soaked by the time I let him inside, because it's been coming down a wet, melty snow all morning, and now the whole lair smells like wet dog. Click was shocked - shocked! - at his condition, and after I toweled him off she made a mighty effort to clean him all over. She hasn't got nearly enough tongue for that, so she eventually gave up and now they're curled up together on my no-doubt very damp bed.

The wind started coming up by the time we got home, and now it's just a really good day to sit and read indoors. The boys are crashed, so maybe they'll leave me alone for a while. They were pretty disgruntled with my mismanagement earlier, but now they've had their fix and all they want is sleep.

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