Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New! Global! Crisis! YAY!

Global warming er...Climate Change isn't selling so well has been solved by our beloved masters, so but a New Global Crisis Looms! Know Fear!
...world soil, including European and British soils, could vanish within about 60 years if drastic action was not taken.
We need Drastic Action, people! Drastic! Now! Tremble! After all...
"It is not an exaggeration to say that soil is the most precious resource we have got, and... (we) are not up to the task of securing it for our children never mind our grand children."
Seriously, it just never gets old.


Uncle W. said...

Heh. That's nothing -- NOTHING! You think losing soil is bad? But that's mere DIRT.

Have you heard yet about the horrors of ... THIRD-HAND SMOKE!!!!?


Kevin Wilmeth said...

Q: What's the worst part about the question, "what will they think of next?"?

A: There's always an answer.