Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paranoid Recluse Checklist:

Item #178: Backup backup caches.

I don't fret much over "bug-out bags" and such, because I'm already where I want to be at The End Of The World As We Know It. Howsomever, in the quiet paranoid reveries of the night one does occasionally break into cold, mucky sweats over what would happen should one's quiet desert home suddenly and without notice become untenable.

Up till now I've done little about this question; small emergency water caches are as far as I ever took it. What if I really needed enough to Get The Hell Hence? These old ammo cases should finally put the question to rest, once I get them placed and stocked.

There's lots and lots of space to stash stuff out there. The question arises as to how one goes about finding it again, since within that vast expanse every bush and rock looks exactly like every other bush and rock. GPS geocaching is no solution, of course, because documentation is not the paranoid recluse's friend. But I flatter myself that after years of extensive walkies with the dogs, there are few people at most who know this area as well as I do. If I can't find my landmarks, my landmarks can't be found.

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CorbinKale said...

I have some of those same cans. Just tonight I figured out that five 1-gallon cans of Coleman fuel fit in there, perfectly, with some room on top for related items.