Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some thoughts on the Hutaree arrests

The Hutaree are well known in militia circles as the sort of wackos you don't want to stand too close to. That there were SWAT teams in this group's future was pretty well accepted, as is demonstrated by the reaction of other area groups when word came round that the feds were raiding them. It takes real talent to drive people who should be your allies into the arms of the feds, just so they can be on record as having nothing to do with you. And of course the whole kerfuffle is giving the *&^! SPLC the sort of publicity boost you just can't buy.

Still, ever since I heard about the raids I've been looking for something I haven't found yet, that I'm not sure will ever be known, but that I'm pretty sure is out there somewhere. The question I'd like to see answered is, whose idea was this "kill cops for Christ" thing originally? I'm just going to go ahead and guess that the mastermind of the nefarious plot to preemptively bring down the Antichrist wasn't arrested with the other nine.

An agent provocateur? Come now. Paranoid Uncle Joel.

Yeah, except that the other thing the Hutaree are known for is not being the sharpest knives in the rack.
On its MySpace page, Hutaree had links with 363 friends.
Uh huh. That's how the CIA caught Bin Ladin; they just friended him on MySpace. And the way the feds caught the ninth terribly dangerous conspirator?
Joshua M. Stone of Clayton was arrested in Hillsdale County just after 8 p.m., a day after authorities say he took up hiding in a former militia training area about 2 miles from Wheatland Church in Wheatland Township, said Andrew Arena, head of the Detroit FBI office.
Because that's where I'd hide if everybody but the Vatican was looking for me: right in a training area where I'd been known to hang out. And according to this news item he just walked out with his hands up when they surrounded the house he was in. We're not talking world-class terror group here.

So where'd all the alleged talent come from? Who was supposed to be making these terrible weapons of mass destruction, which I notice we haven't been shown yet? I'll guess it wasn't the guys in the rusty trailers.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you want to know who the informant in your group is, look for the newbie who's selling the Big Plan. The tactic is as old as COINTELPRO. Some people never learn.

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