Tuesday, June 29, 2010

J&H lost a horse yesterday...

Roxxie, H's favorite saddle mare, suffered a terrible accident yesterday and had to be put down.

H took her for some sort of training, leaving the trainer with specific instructions not to work her in the round pen because Roxxie was a bitch about that. The trainer disregarded H's instructions. Roxxie threw a fit, went out of control, and badly broke a leg.

I've mentioned Roxxie before; she's been in an uncertain mood for a few weeks. Not really knowing much about horse psychology, I tentatively chalked it up to the other two mares in her string being pregnant when she wasn't. Either way, I treated her with kid gloves because she was just never in a mood to be trifled with. I'm just there to clean up manure, not to make friends with horses that don't welcome it.

Funny: Claire and I were just talking yesterday about how fragile horses are. I understand the attraction of keeping them, but the expense and worry involved are really daunting. And now suddenly I get word that Roxxie is dead, when last I saw her she was, well, healthy as a horse. A poorly-coined phrase if ever there was one.

Poor pretty girl. I won't really miss her, but I never wished this on her.


suek said...

The horse market is pretty poor right now - as in virtually non-existent. H can probably get a new mare without much effort, if H is so inclined. Still...you said the mare was a favorite - that becomes a different story, doesn't it.

It always hurts to put a horse down and especially on a deal like this. The mare should have been able to work in a round pen - there's really no excuse for her not to - which is probably why the trainer ignored the information. But still - the trainer ignored the information. Bad idea. I've known lots of people who didn't really know what they were doing who gave way more leeway to a horse (or dog) than they should have - in other words, let them get away with stuff. Nevertheless, it's really unwise to ignore what they say. I simply can't imagine what went on to cause a horse to break a leg in a darned round pen. Just off hand, I'd guess that trainer is one of those who push the limits just to prove s/he's badder than the horse - but who knows.

suek said...

"I tentatively chalked it up to the other two mares in her string being pregnant when she wasn't."

No...that doesn't make sense when you're talking horses. It sounds like something else was going on with her. For example, why didn't she get pregnant when the other mares did? It doesn't matter now - but I'd bet that she should have had a thorough going over by a vet. There are _so_ many things that can be wrong - ovarian problems, for example, can leave a mare unpregnant and _very_ touchy about pressure on the back...