Sunday, November 28, 2010

The fortunes of the anti-haters we love to - er, hate.

Codrea's got a great article in the Gun Rights Examiner, spotlighting a publication I know nothing but plan to learn more about, The Social Contract.

It all concerns our ol' buddy Morris Dees of the Substantially Profitable Lie Center.
A key observation that nicely illustrates SPLC hypocrisy when it comes to money, from an article by contributor Patrick Cleburne, notes “the $PLC now has an account in the notorious tax haven and money-laundering location of the Cayman Islands!” and that SPLC receive $2.9 million from “[t]he Picower Foundation, set up by Jeffry Picower, reliably reported to have been the biggest beneficiary of the Madoff scam.” Cleburne suggests:

Madoff left many destitute elderly in his wake. The SPLC should return its Picower money to the Madoff trustee for their benefit.
Don’t hold your breath.
By odd coincidence, Mike at Sipsey Street has a similar post today, linking to this photo spread of Dees' palatial Alabama home.

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Anonymous said...

Before you head over there [to The Social Contract website] to buy yourself a dead trees copy of the book/magazine .... bring out your salt shaker. You'll need at least one grain of salt.

It turns out that IF you go to The Social Contract website the offer of "free with only $5 s&h" [on their front page]is misleading to say the least.

First one has to "join" their website to be able to buy from them. Thankfully this part is free.
So I joined.

Then I decided to order two copies and fully expected to have to pay the $5 for each book but then they charge an additional S&H on the entire transaction. [$5 + $5 + $5 for TWO books that are supposedly "Free"]

I really don't like bait and switch scams [even for five measly frn's] so I canceled the order.

Just so's you'll know ....

capt gooch
the chintzy one