Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Um...Yeah, Bubba. And yet you're not in the news, either.

I'm reminded of an old Paul Stookey song for some reason:
Oh you give a damn, well so does he
'You think the rest of us are just fakin'?
I mean what do you need that you got to give
Less than what you're takin'?
Or maybe this:
Joan Baez is the name
I've a house by the sea
My songs come rolling in off Highway One
Just because I can't be there
Doesn't mean that I don't care
So next time, Brother, off a pig for meeeee...
Here's this righteously outraged patriot, gonna tell us all what's wrong with us...
The fact is, Amerikans, you ... don't ... care. It is not your child. It is not your family. It happened to ... THEM. And THEM. And THEM. But it didn't happen to you. Until one day ... it happens to you. And no one will care. And you will ... wonder why. You will ask, "Where is the justice?" And just like you, before it happened to you, no one will care. And the cycle will keep repeating itself. You will just learn to live with the injustice. You will just learn to live in the box that has been created for you.
...and he goes on and on about what you and you and you aren't doing to refresh the tree of liberty.

He, on the other hand, is totally cool.  Presumably he gets all paid up at the liberty tree just by telling me what's wrong with me.  Hell, Bubba - Even John Hancock did more than that, and I dunno if he ever even saw a rifle.


If you ever catch me talking this way, please somebody kick me.


Anonymous said...

I used to be big into the self righteous "what's wrong with this country" rants...but these days I save it. Without action, it's just masturbation.

Ken said...

Sometimes a good jeremiad is appropriate, but I always ask myself, "D'you (the editorial you) get a lot of converts with that approach?"

Heaven knows I have a temper and a nasty streak, but 10 or 15 years ago you coulda called me a sheeple and it woulda more or less fit. Playing the "once shamed, may never be recovered" card is no way to wake people up.

Plus which, being the Interwebs and all, a body gets awfully tired of hearing frothing multi-thousand-word screeds that boil down to "Let's you and him fight."

Joel said...

Screeds about what'all's wrong with the country, while sometimes tiresome, aren't something I'm in a position to bitch about. I'm much devoted to writing them myself.

It's the "what's wrong with YOU, why aren't YOU out there piling up statist bodies" rant that gets on my nerves. Invariably I end up yelling at my screen, "Why aren't YOU, since you feel so strongly about it? Show me the way, oh Great Leader! At least show me the plan. Or better yet, just shut up."

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's pretty much what I meant...people who who do the we're all sheeple except me thing...

JohnW said...

Anyone who quotes Joanie Phony from National Lampoon is okay in my book.