Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm not a believer myself...

But I've got nothing against it long as people don't try telling me how to live, y'know?

And I know cool when I see it. And if this was real, it's just very cool.

Also, it beats the living snot out of "Holly Jolly Christmas." But then, what doesn't?

The only thing that raises a question in my mind is the sound quality, which is suspiciously good for a bunch of scattered singers in a food court. But if they could pre-place cameras, why not microphones? It could be real. And anyway, it's pretty cool.

H/T to Claire and Dave Duffy.


Anonymous said...

It was real. My sister lives nearby and said it was all over the local news. It happened not too far from Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Tahn said...


I guess if the human race ever had to show a reason to exist, this would qualify as one of them. From the original composer, to treasuring and keeping it over the ages, to the singing, the gift of the delivery and the appreciation of the audience, beautiful.

Thanks Joel! Happy Holidays To You and All!

The Grey Lady said...

Yes it was real,

"The Niagara Falls, Ont., based company came up with the idea of the flash mob chorus for a Christmas video card to send to its 20,000 clients and 17,000 Facebook fans.

Blakeley had some friends at Chorus Niagara and Handel's Messiah is her favourite piece of music. She said she always wanted to try a flash mob performance and what appeared to be an impromptu mini-concert at the mall actually took about eight weeks to plan.