Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Matter of Perspective...

David Codrea's latest Examiner column is primarily on the "90% of guns in Mexico" canard, but adds something I find an interesting - and rather refreshing - twist:
...a proven reliable source tells me that some guns are indeed making their way south, which no one has ever disputed—after all, it’s a porous border. Here’s what I’m told:
Frankly it's my opinion the drug cartels in Mexico are not getting their arms from the US civilian market. The arms that are going to Mexico are that of Mexican illegals going home and arming themselves in fear of the cartels and the Mexican govt. [who are sometimes one and the same]....I have that information from a well placed govt. source. Seems they got a taste of freedom here and "export" it back home with them.
With my blessings.

In related news, maybe some of those Mexican "crime guns" are coming from America after all! Mike at Sipsey Street passes on an interesting conversation in low places...

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Anonymous said...

That is terrific if true. I was in Batopilas a few years ago, in the the little village about 6 miles up the canyon where the old mission is, everyone I saw was carrying a 1911 except the shop keeper, he had a 7' blade on his belt. They were probably growers and exporters, I suppose.
I have also read that Mexicans are armed and are arming themselves in spite of the "law".