Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh, Ick.

Days like this are so rare here, they almost bring pleasure through sheer novelty.


Cold and wet: Not cold enough to freeze, just enough to make the atmosphere's palpable moisture stick to every surface, including skin. Gray, low clouds. Intermittent spritzing rain. Enough of a breeze to help all that moisture wick away your body's heat in a thoroughly miserable way. This is a day for staying indoors with a good book and an eternally-filled pot of hot chocolate.

Naturally, I've things to do outdoors. It's shit-shoveling day. I found and (I think) fixed yet another coolant leak on Gulchendiggensmoothen yesterday, but in the process found a curiously recurring fuel leak I haven't figured out. If I can cork it up, I need to take the tractor to shit-shoveling to pile manure. Then there's a water leak to be fixed before I can get running water on the property, after which there's quite a lot of cleaning that's gone begging. I really could have used a continuation of our unseasonably warm weather, but Uncle Murphy dropped his foot on that idea. The ubiquitous bastard.

Still, I'm gonna see how quickly I can get my chores done today. That pot of chocolate is sounding awfully good, now that I brought it up.


Big Wooly said...

Sounds like a good day to fire up the woodstove!

MamaLiberty said...

Wish you were here! The sun is bright and not a cloud in the sky. Ok, it's only 19 degrees, but you won't lose your body heat with the right clothes here.

Got to get my gloves on and haul some wood in here for the fire. Sure feels good.

And I just finished making a big pan full of cinnamon rolls. Would go great with the chocolate!

Get your chores done, then snuggle next to that wood stove. And pat the dogs for me too. :)

Mayberry said...

Same weather here today in (not so) sunny south Texas. Cold snaps have an aggrivatingly interesting way of bringing out the leaks in any fluid system. That whole thermal expansion/ contraction thing can be a real bummer sometimes...