Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Terrify the politician of your choice!"


Okay, okay.  I've got no sympathy for the rioters, and if I were gonna start stringing up taxeaters I wouldn't start with Charles &, that lady.  Even if they lived here.  Which I'm aware they don't, okay?  So don't give me grief about the riot, because who cares?

But c'mon.  What's not to love about that shot?

H/T to Jim at TMR.


MamaLiberty said...

However stupid they are, etc... they were still attacked while going about their peaceful private business. Not right. The rioters are just as stupid as so many of their "rulers."

On the other hand... I suspect this dude is not going to make it to become the "king" of anyone. And if he does, Europe will have truly hit a new low point.

I mean - stupid is really hard to cure without committing a felony sometimes.

Brass said...

Tax leeches do not have private business. Their business is not peaceful, any more than any other organized criminal's lifestyle is "peaceful." They were "going about" in a Rolls Royce paid for with money taken at gunpoint. Just like Al Capone. Wait. Al Capone sold legitimate products to a willing populace.

suek said...

ML...I agree with you about Charles. On the other hand...there's a certain sense of justice when the have-nots are attacking the haves because the have-nots aren't getting their share, especially when the haves get _all_ of their from the same source.

What makes me wonder is that there's _anybody_ left working hard and paying taxes for the benefit of both categories. Talk about an impetus to "go Galt"....!!