Monday, January 10, 2011

" which point somebody called me a Marxist."

Tee hee. I love it.

Over here somebody called me a leftist the other day, which has become a recurring occurrence. I'm a little upset that more leftists don't drop in to call me a conservative, or a tea bagger or something. I won't feel as though I've truly arrived until the first accusation of fascism, but maybe that one's passé.

TJIC recounts a similar experience...
I was defending the right of hippies to burn flags. Some of them told me that they’d have to beat up any such hippie they saw. They wouldn’t choose to do it – it’d just be an unstoppable urge.

I asked “What if the hippie was open-carrying?”

Well, then they’d be able to stop the “unstoppable urge”.

I then pointed out that (a) I had just demonstrated the utility of the 2nd Amendment, and (b) they were speech censoring goons.

…at which point they called me a Marxist.


Bustednuckles said...

Shit, yer just a Good Old Boy, what we used to call an American.
The old, Don't Fuck Wth Me kinda guy.

It's a good thing you are out in the middle of no where and don't have a lawn.

Stay warm, ya old curmudgeon.

Takes one to know one.

GunRights4US said...

Some people have a hard time understanding that the Constitution failed miserably, and that the Imperial Federal Gubmint OWNS your ass. Some people think its a GOOD thing to pledge allegiance to an "indivisible" government monolith. Some people think it entirely proper for good little citizens to ask permission to exercise their "rights". Some people have never read Hologram of Liberty by BTP.