Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curses! Scooped again!

Just about the time I was snarking about the implementation of Kali's new anti-ammo law, Uncle was reporting that it had been repealed by a Kali court as "unconstitutionally vague."

I wasn't aware that was a bar to passing laws, but apparently someone has found it so.


Kevin Wilmeth said...

Psh. Window dressing. All this means is that they want something juicier and more specific that they can enforce upon Californians' arses. When that arrives (and it will..."top men" are working on it even now), the rubberstamp will be wielded with abject glee.

The charade really is getting kinda boring, isn't it? Maybe we should just suggest that the ruling class drop all the pretense, and modify their charter document to be more honest. Since we've now well established that

1) no mere contract is a barrier to their agenda, and
2) the consent of the ruled is not required for their agenda, and
3) morality and rationality distinctly are impediments for their agenda,

then perhaps they could simply rewrite their own charter document (since it's not like we're invited to the discussion anyway) and have it just declare what they're going to do regardless, no matter what. Just consider how much less effort they'd have to put into The Big Lie and all its marketing, yada yada yada.

Think of it. It could be three short lines:

Do evil shit.
Burn heretics.

Seriously, I really don't think there's anything missing there.

Ken Hagler said...

Courts in California are willing enough to rule something unconstitutional as long as doing so doesn't impose any meaningful limit on government power. The fact that the only effect this would have had would be to cost the government more money that it doesn't have probably was a factor too.

The Grey Lady said...

Slightly off topic: Did you hear about the blogger who had all of his firearms confiscated because he wrote 1 down 534 to go on his blog.

those congress critters and their underlings are getting verrry nervous.