Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Second the motion!

Tam opines on a proposed new law to keep taxeaters safe from us gun-hugging proles...
I have a better idea: Let's make it illegal for important federal officials to come within a thousand feet of decent people. Failing that, maybe we can make them wear some kind of distinctive garment and carry a bell so we know where they are and can stay away.


Carl Bussjaeger said...



I say we tag the (expletive deleted) District of Calamity (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted-plural) with GPS cattle ear tags. And dye the sick (expletive deleted-plural) day-glo orange.

But that's probably on Brady's list of scary things that scare scared paranoiacs.


Anonymous said...

Who determines who is a taxeater? Are soldiers and policemen taxeaters too?

jack said...



MamaLiberty said...

One problem is that the tax eaters now seriously outnumber the rest of us.

Anonymous @6:29 said...

Jack, I agree, but I'd like Joel to elaborate.

Anonymous said...

what is there to elaborate on?

Joel said...

Who determines who is a taxeater? Are soldiers and policemen taxeaters too?

Well, I've got to go with Jack in saying yes. And with Anon 2:11 in wondering how much elaboration is required.

But you asked politely. A taxeater provides a "service," whether anyone asked him to or not and whether or not that "service" does more harm than good. And he'll continue to provide it even if a plurality of the people whose taxes he eats make it clear they'd really like him to stop - there's no way to fire him or send him to do something more useful.

Soldiers? Post soldiers to protect the people of the nation against some imminent threat, and since I'm too old and one-legged to actively join the fight myself I'll pony right up to pay my share of it. I'm going to need a lot of convincing, though, that such a threat can be found in Thirdworldistan - seems to me history is pretty clear that "more harm than good" is the best you can expect from invading such places. What, exactly, is so unpatriotic about pointing out that one man's terrorist is generally just another man's pissed-off peasant, and that invading frickin' Afghanistan is never, historically speaking, a good way to spend your time and national treasure? Ever. It's been tried repeatedly, and nobody has ever profited by it. So yeah - taxeaters.

Cops? Does anybody really still believe that cops are there to serve and protect US? Drive down the interstate with your eye on the rearview mirror. When a squad car appears in it, examine your feelings closely and then ask yourself again how happy you are that there are so many cops. It's the best non-destructive test of the matter I know. Cops are there to collect revenue and keep the rest of us cowed and in line. If they ever actually had any protective function, they dropped it before I was out of diapers. Yup - cops are the quintessential taxeaters.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous @6:29 said...

Joel, thanks for your ideological consistency. It's a breath of fresh air in an all too mentally convoluted world.