Monday, January 31, 2011

Uh huh. And this is your business WHY, exactly?

Bloomberg gets his facts, rhetoric, and the location of his nose completely wrong. And finds some inkstained wretch willing to write all about it.
"Our investigation shows how easy it is for anyone to buy a semiautomatic handgun and a high-capacity magazine, no questions asked," said John Feinblatt, Bloomberg's chief policy adviser. "If we don't fix it now, the question is not whether another massacre will occur, but when."

The mayor is expected to show the videos at a City Hall news conference on Monday morning.

He has conducted several rounds of such stings in recent years, trying to pressure Congress to crack down on untraceable gun sales - such as those at gun shows - to reduce the supply of illegal guns on New York streets.
Because ... Phoenix gun shows are now the source of "illegal" guns in NYC? I think you should go see what your local ATF agents are up to, mistah mayah. Judging from acual events rather than your raving hoplophobia, they're a more likely source.

BTW, mistah mayah, suh: I really hate the expression "gun show loophole." you're not trying to shut down gun show sales, you want to shut down ALL private sales. That's what it's always been about. I'll sell to anybody I want, and buy from anybody who wants to sell to me. Glad we had this little talk, you pathetic parasite.

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Anonymous said...

Mike had a post on this yesterday and this was my reply

I had the pleasure of seeing a couple of these clowns last year at a gun show in KY. One was carrying a shoulder bag (yellow canvas) that had a camera in it. I was sitting at a table and that lens was 2' away---couldn't miss it. They were wearing "disguises", one guy had a pair of glasses on that still had the sticker on the lense! They showed no interest in the guns, but what got my attention was the way he was panning my table with his shoulder bag. There were signs at the entrance of the show that said no cameras or recording equipment. By the time I located show security, they had left.
Here's where you'all come in. Every show since, I have brought a large bottle of honey and a feather pillow for a quick little tar and feather job. PLEASE do the same and please take pics. I will GLADLY take an assult charge to unmask these guys. I urge you all to do the same and let's see if we can make a couple of Bloomberg tweety birds.