Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Beautiful Day!

I was down to a t-shirt before noon.  After shoveling fresh horseshit I loaded a trailer with old stuff, headed home, and ... ran out of gas.

Shite.  I thought I had another ten miles or so in there. 

Naturally I didn't have any gas, because I was supposed to buy some when I went to town Saturday but was so wasted from splitting wood I forgot to bring the cans.  Fortunately J owed me that exact same favor, so he came and rescued me.  Tomorrow I'll fill one of my cans and the one of his I emptied, and I'll be square.

Came back for lunch.  Some months ago Landlady bought me a great four-quart pressure cooker at a swap meet, and since then beans haven't been something I have to soak for two days and then choke down.  In fact I get quite a kick out of all the things you can combine in a pressure cooker, and come up with a very tasty pot'o'stuff.  Ghost and Little Bear help with the cleanup, though they're not very pleased with this latest batch - too much pepper, I think.  LB goes for the bowl, then goes and takes a drink of water, then goes back to the bowl - repeat until complete.  Ghost just takes one taste and turns his nose up.  I did get a little crazy with the pepper.

Now I'm off to S&L's.  I've got a whole trailer-load of composted horseshit to spread in their garden area, and I hope it's enough because the deal was to spread enough for the whole area.  Normally I'd wait this part till tomorrow, because normally I don't ever work very hard.  But now I've gotta go to town tomorrow, and besides this weather isn't going to last.  At a minimum there's supposed to be rain or snow on Thursday, and it'll probably get cold again.  It's only the middle of February, after all.  But after the cold of the past several weeks, this is a real treat.

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