Monday, February 21, 2011

"The Era of '2 hits + bunch of junk = an album @ $18' is Gone"

If you buy recorded music at all, you've probably noticed that the market has changed just a teensy bit in the past several years. I do believe the last album I bought involved Led Zeppelin, and even I've noticed that. (Yes, Uncle Joel HAS heard of an "MP3," though he has never purchased one.) The fact does seem to escaped the notice of the RIAA and the existing recording industry, but they're welcome to say hello to the buggy whip manufacturers when they meet them in obsolescence hell.

I'll confess this is not a subject I spend a lot of mental capital on, but I found this interesting and you might, too.

"The REAL Death of the [Recorded] Music Industry"

It purports to show where all the music-store dollars have gone, roughly since the heyday of the 8-track.

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Bill St. Clair said...

I bought most of my music before I got married in 1991 from the Harvard Coop at MIT and in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. Bought some 600 vinyl records, and, on switching to CD in 1984, about 300 CDs. My album purchases stopped nearly dead when family expenses took over, but I bought a fair amount of music from iTunes. Then I got an external DAC and nice monitor speakers for my computer. Now I don't like compressed music any more. So I buy CDs from Amazon or download high-quality FLAC audio from Haven't bought a CD in a bricks-and-mortor store in a long long time.