Thursday, February 17, 2011

That's the ticket. Let the other guy act like a dick.

Saw this on Unc:
[at a TFA meeting] I met an very agitated man (30-40ish, thin build, receding hairline, long, stringy dark hair, glasses) at the front door. I wondered why he rather snarled at me as we passed in the entryway…Shortly thereafter, I heard him loudly “discussing” things with the woman at the counter, complaining about not being given his money back. I went my merry way & enjoyed a nice supper, good company, & an interesting discussion from you & Bob, as well as the comments from the floor. However, I also noticed this guy back & forth at the front, in & out of the building, & finally, filling a couple of to-go boxes.

I asked one of the women at the front what his problem was. She said he was upset that “some people”were wearing guns in the restaurant. He’d complained to her, & demanded that she call the police. She told him that we were regulars, there was nothing wrong, & that even if the police were called, they would show up & be wearing guns, too, & asked if that would further upset him!
The one and only incident I ever had with somebody objecting to my OC pistol, I just smiled distantly and nodded until he went away. The two check-out ladies who got to sit in on the brief incident had things to say about HIS manners, but not mine.

Normalization takes time. Sometimes I think the worst way to accomplish it, when there's no actual law but only tradition to overturn, is to be an "activist" about it. Just act like you're be normal.

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