Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bombing the world for peace

Saw this on Unc:

A lot of libertarians are strict non-interventionists. I’m not. When you are a human rights violator, I think that your shit needs to be blown up, and we’ve got the bombs. Qadhafi is certainly a human rights violator.
I don't know who he's calling "we." I don't admit to having any bombs at all. But I suppose he's talking about Obama and the military. So how's that been working out so far?

Lessee: "We" started bombing Afghanistan into a state of peace and freedom in late 2001. "We" invaded Iraq to bring it peace and freedom in 2003. That's eighteen years of war, admittedly with concurrent sentences, and both places are hellish basket cases. I don't doubt that the Taliban and Saddam were human rights violators, but I wonder how many Afghanis and Iraqis wish "we'd" left them alone. Come to think of it, since neither nation's government disarmed their people, I occasionally wonder how unhappy those people really were with their governments before "we" came along and freed them. Seems like they could have shot the bastards themselves if they were feeling all that oppressed, and I seem to recall video of cheering crowds surrounding Saddam, shooting AK-47s in the air. Why should I feel so sorry for some dumbass who can't even miss the sky and hit Saddam, that I'm willing to risk my own hide to get rid of the guy for him?

And now this chickenhawk wants "us" to bomb Libya, because of that bad ol' Qadhafi. Okay, but I hope at least that when he advocates this, he's planning to join up and do it himself. But I doubt it.


Ken Hagler said...

Phelps agrees with Osama bin Laden, then. Although I'm sure he'd deny it--subjects of the Evil Empire only care about human rights violations committed by other people.

Anonymous said...

From now on, his name is O-bomb-ya.

I recall some fairly heart-rending footage of farmers and other obviously peaceful people, including children, blown to bits by heavy weapons. We didn't go after those responsible, even though they were clearly "human rights violators." The rules are different when it's the Israeli government's soldiers doing the killing.

Ditto for British snipers in Northern Ireland, what is the difference between Irish who want to be free of their government and Libyans who want to be free of their government?

When Omanis last protested their Sultan's ill treatment, the Royal Air Force bombed them into the stone age. I've seen the ruins.

The 20th and 21st centuries are replete with oppressed people who were viciously and ruthlessly exterminated when they complained. The most consistent indication of whether or not O-bomb-ya or his predecessors start the slaughter machine is the presence of oil.