Monday, March 14, 2011

The geiger counter situation is getting downright funny.

Yesterday my friend was delighted and somewhat frantic. By the time I got there this morning he was ready to blow his brains out. We set up an assembly line, and with me doing the scut work we were able to catch up with his orders if not exactly get ahead of them. I was there for six hours and definitely earned my keep, fer shur. A lot of the labor that goes into making these things isn't exactly PhD level work, and if you show me how you want something done that's the way it'll get done. Things sped up when he stopped looking over my shoulder and went and did his part of it.

The boys, of course, were sure they were ready to die - they're no longer used to spending that much time at a stretch in Gitmo. But they're gonna have to get used to it, because for the next two or three days at a minimum I'm gonna make hay while the sun shines. I'm not used to having three figures worth of money in my pocket at any one time, and even at the low hourly rate he's paying me I'm going to get ahead fast. Nice! I'm still carrying around the money I made from weed-whacking walls week before last, so right now I'm feeling pretty darned rich.

Can't spend all my time on it, because this came up just when I was getting into a fever about fixing all the winter damage to the plumbing around here. Plus as nice as the weather has been, the cabin has been calling me. But sometimes you have to do money gigs too, and they come when they come. So right now I just need to get excited about geiger counters. I suspect it won't take long for me to hate the sight of them.


Big Wooly said...

Depending on how west-coastward you are, you may want to consider hanging on to one of those...

suek said...

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