Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Lord.

I'm carefully avoiding half-witty remarks here, but still glad I'm over a mile high.

Have you ever been in a real earthquake? I was in one - ONE, and that was plenty. If it hadn't had its epicenter 'way out in the Mojave, you'd have seen footage of the wreckage for a week. It was nothing like this, five-point-something as I recall, but it was enough - t'would serve. Scared old Uncle Joel.

8.9. I can't even imagine it. But check out the buildings and overpasses: Whoever those architects were, they understand earthquakes.


CorbinKale said...

I have been to Sendai on the joint Japan/US exercise known as Yama Sakura. From the landscape and the concentration of people there, plus what I see on the news, I expect casualties to be well over 100k. Bad juju. My heart goes out to them.

Matt said...

The town of Hachinohe is about 30 miles down the coast from Misawa Air Base Japan. Had two daughters born there, both in hospitals in Hachinohe. Had freinds in the city and often went their to teach english and have a night out. I do suspect I have lost some dear old friends.