Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey! Where'd Spring go?

The weatherman predicted rain overnight, and sunovagun he was right. Then around four in the morning the temperature dipped and we got some snow. Not a lot, just enough to make things a bit sloppy. It's still better than yesterday's all-day windstorm, which has the yard strewn with wreckage.

I thought I was hosed for my trip to the neighbors to use their washing machine, because the clouds stayed pretty heavy even after the snow stopped. But it finally cleared off around nineish, so I got my load started and then went to do my my shit-shoveling. They're off to town right now, so I can't get it out of the machine till after noon.

In other news, Gaia the new foal has taken up finger-painting. That's right. Of course Gaia HAS no fingers, so she uses mud in her mouth. J&H built a brand-new shelter anticipating her arrival, covered it with brand-new white paint, and she has taken to picking up mud in her mouth and drawing all over the once-clean wall. Nobody knows why she does this, but J is hoping she's the next equine Jackson Pollock so he can cut up the wall and sell the sections for millions on Ebay. I just said good luck with that.

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