Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to turn a short job into a long one, in five seconds or less.

This morning I went over to D&L's to trade an hour's labor for a shot at their washing machine. The labor they wanted done was simplicity itself: Change the oil in their Onan and Champion generators.

Everything went swimmingly, and I was congratulating myself on what a neat job I'd done. Irony's coming.

I asked D to switch on the Onan so it could fill the new oil filter, and then I'd check the oil level again. He did. The Onan is inside a dark generator house, and I couldn't see what was going on. If only I had, it would have saved substantial work.

Uncle Joel left the filler cap off the crankcase. That little two-banger engine holds almost a gallon and can crank up some serious oil pressure. Uncle Joel spent the next three freaking hours cleaning up the mess, from wiping down the rafters to scrubbing the adobe floor with kitty litter, and in between removing every panel on the engine to get all the hidden oil pools.



Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd have told that on myself. Jeff

Matt said...

Been there, done that, twice. Forgot to replace the filler cap on an 87 Nissan Pick Up one time. Didn't realize it until I was half way into town, 20 miles. It was amazing how much oil can be spewed out of a little 4 cylinder engine. Even after cleaning it still dripped oil for weeks. Also did it once after topping off my 96 Nissan, same results.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that I am not the only one that can take a simple job and turn it into a major project. Now I follow the 7P principal. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Remember in the immortal words of Red Green... "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

Big Wooly said...

I used that feature on several of my vehicles to prevent rust in the engine compartment. Burnt oil aroma only added to the manliness (and it kept my wife from borrowing them).

Anonymous said...

Not. Saying. One. Word.
ahem ... {rolls eyes}

{the low whistling of a Celtic tune is heard ...}

Stay Safe (?)


Mayberry said...