Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm really gonna miss this guy.

Da Maya holds a presser, and nobody will ask the right questions. Hilarity ensues.


Back when I was in Detroit we had Mayor-for-life Coleman Young, who brought corruption and racism to appalling, embarrassing and yet somehow highly entertaining levels. When he went to the Big Supermax in the Sky, I kinda missed him. I've a feeling Windy Citians won't feel the same about Daley. But for shooters, an era is ending.

H/T to Don, who has his own take on this.

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Anonymous said...

What...An....Idiot!! So long and good by Mayor. Let's compare Chitown (or NYC, Or District of Criminals) to my state.
Concealed carry, yep.
In churches, yep, with my pastors blessing to boot.
In parks, yep. National Parks, yep.
Violent crime rate in my state, next to nothing compared to places where they have outlawed the right of people to defend themselves. It is not their right to regulate a God given right.

We need a data base of crimes Prevented by lawfull gun owners-every day.