Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just out of curiosity... anybody BUT government officials smuggling guns to Mexico?
The mayor and police chief of a tiny New Mexico border town best known for a raid by Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa nearly a century ago were among 11 people accused Thursday of participating in a ring alleged to have illegally sent firearms to Mexico.

A federal indictment said the defendants have engaged in a conspiracy _ based in Columbus, N.M. _ to buy firearms since January 2010. Law enforcement officers executed search warrants Thursday at the Columbus Police Department, a gun shop and eight homes.

H/T to Codrea.


Pat H. said...

Actually, probably not. One of the biggest sources of firearms in any country south of the US border is the US government, that's been true for decades.

Most of them come from the Department of Defense.

Joel said...

Yes, but technically that's not smuggling. I did use the word "smuggling."