Monday, March 7, 2011

Must be spring.

Woke to heavy overcast and mild wind. Now, an hour before noon, the last of the clouds have blown away and there's a windstorm like I haven't seen in years. With a sound like a train wreck, the metal shelter where M kept his Jeep parts keeps trying to blow over. I don't think it'll go this time; we chained it to a couple of T-rail fence posts. Hope it doesn't; it was hell to get on its feet last time.

Ghost doesn't like being inside during the day, but he really hates the wind when it gets this bad. He refused to leave the Lair - like me - and when I finally stomped my way against the wind to the barn he trotted right into the scriptorium with me. It's gonna be one of those days, clearly. Good news is there's excuse not to do anything resembling work. Nobody could stand upright long enough to work, when it gets like this.

ETA: Nope, with a great crash the metal shed slipped or broke its bindings and flipped right over. :^(

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