Saturday, March 5, 2011

This is the prettiest day we've had all year.

So naturally, after work but before Landlady and M headed back to the big city, we needed a shooting break.

Here's Landlady with Vera, world's most awesome personal weapon and her very favorite.

And here she is with the embarrassing pink AK M and I got her a couple of years ago - not quite so favorite.


KurtP said...

I admire the way use used sustainable resources for your rifle rests.

*Gaea nodding approvingly*

Jac said...

That AK is just... You two ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

Nice Garand...

Anonymous said...

The captcha this time is = affpitst.

Which is almost exactly my verbal response to the photo of that AK.
{Ten minutes lost cleaning monitor screen of coffee spray ...}

Fortunately flat black paint comes in spray cans and is fairly durable in most applications.

I'm guessing But ... it is my guess that Landlady keeps the AK pink just to embarrass the two that gave it to her ?
Then again the sight of such a thing would Probably send the bat feces types into uncontrollable laughter making then much easier to find. So ... I guess it works out in the end.

Weather sure has been Nice around here lately as well.
Enjoy it summer comes and Al G. [invented the interwebs remember ?] is sure this will be the beginning of the end of the start of the beginning of the end times preview. Or something like that.
I have a hard time understanding most of his drivel.

Stay Safe and ....
Leave No tin can standing or paper unpunched.


Jac said...

Speaking of M, btw, are we ever going to see more of the dome?

Joel said...


Oh, yeah. Things'll pick up again when winter ends. Right now it's sort of weathering in.