Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, that's unacceptable.

Landlady sent me this distressing video this morning:


Anonymous said...

I got a laugh, but in truth there are certain things that you just can't let slide. You don't have to just not like it, anyone who thinks Firefly is just a cowboy western in space falls in that category.

Anonymous said...

Gooch says ...

I can completely understand his dismay at her dislike of Firefly BUT having spent the last 11 years as a single man [in hermit guise - very near monk status] I am afraid I would have to make an exception for just such a lady IF such a lady were to enter my sphere of action. [or lack thereof]

[I'm thinking I can just watch Firefly while she's at work ....]
Oops did I say that out loud ?

Do I loose my macho man patch for such a blasphemous position ?
I wasn't after Jayne's crew slot at any rate.

So .... does she have a sister ?

ducks back behind his patented cardboard and aluminum foil [patent applied for] "Safety Shield".

The Grey Lady said...

I have to admit I'm with Gooch on this one. Can't he watch it while she is in the bathroom getting all gussied up, goes shopping to replace his holey 7 year old undies or something? It's not as if couple are supposed to be Siamese twins, what ever happen to men who like time alone, perhaps she could read a book, paint her nails, catalog his collection of comics or something equally worthwhile when he watches serenity? What ever happened to
that whole scale of things that are perfect about her. I think it is just an excuse to cover up the song writers phobia of committment..... did I say that? :O)

Ya know........this just adds fodder for my theory that men are weird don't cha know?

Joel said...

It's not so much a theory, GL, as an established fact. Men ARE weird.

Women, on the other hand, are completely inexplicable.

Anonymous said...

well, see I would be afraid down the road that some consequence of great import would emerge because of her not liking Firefly. I still secretly think that my S.O. is a trotskyite even though she claims to be an anarchist.

MamaLiberty said...

Don't know why he should be hamstrung because she doesn't like something. So what?

My first husband loved TV sports. TV was still pretty new to most people in those days (our income group anyway), so to many men it was nothing short of a miracle to be able to watch football from their own living room.

I hated football and most of the rest of the TV stuff. I'm mostly deaf. I never really appreciated any of it.

So, I'd sit and read or sew while he watched the muddy boys mangle each other. The funny thing is that he always actually expected me to be able to tell him what had happened if he had to leave the room!! He'd hear a roar from the crowd and run in shouting for me to tell him what happened.

I had no idea, and could not have cared less. LOL