Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well then, maybe they should secede.

I've got no problem with it. Others in the county might not agree.

Commenter S sent me this amusing piece about some liberals in Pima County, Arizona who aren't happy with the recent direction of the lawmaking in that state:
Jokes about the effort, and the liberal history of the region, abound. "The official state license plate would read: Baja Arizona: Your Welfare Is Our Business," wrote Roger Yohem, a columnist for "Inside Tucson Business. "The official state gun would be the Hasbro Super-Soaker."
See, what has always bothered me about the whole concept of states and nations is that there actually IS a law - or a whole bunch of laws - somewhere that says you're stuck with association with this arbitrary group of people, even though you personally may have nothing in common with them at all. That probably makes a lot of sense to whoever's in charge at the moment, but it never made sense to me. So far as I'm concerned, I am the sovereign nation of Joel. Get off my lawn.

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