Saturday, March 5, 2011

You know you're living among rednecks when...

Yesterday evening after work we drove to a little town, thirty or forty miles away. In this town is the coolest drugstore in the known universe. Through clever manipulation of the time/space continuum, these people manage to pack everything you could ever want in a fairly small building, including surprisingly well-stocked gun AND liquor racks. We call it the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms store, and Landlady always says she hopes that if this state passes some sort of medical marijuana law, that store gets the franchise. Because that would be awesome beyond imagination.

Anyway, at the checkout stand was a flier for a benefit fun run. M spotted it and pointed it out to me as iconic of this wonderful place we've found for ourselves. It's for the benefit of a lady nicknamed "Boo-boo," and offers the following prizes:

First prize: A scoped Savage .270 rifle

Second prize: A $100 gift certificate to a local tattoo parlor

Third prize: A $100 gift certificate to a local supermarket

The first prize didn't surprise me: that's just the way this place is. The relative positions of the second and third prizes still have me scratching my head. I guess they figure groceries are here today and gone tomorrow, but a tattoo is forever.

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