Sunday, April 3, 2011

Click is acting very strangely.

It's impossible in two separate and very important ways, so I'm not suggesting it, okay? But she's acting like a cat with a new litter of kittens.

Seriously, I think my interpretation of her disappearance a few nights ago was all wet, because she's done the same thing every night since then. She only comes in to eat. She doesn't cuddle with Little Bear any more. In fact she's kinda jumpy around him. Actually, she's jumpy around everybody. She doesn't even sleep on the sunny spot in the afternoon. She spends all her time in the barn. This isn't normal.

A litter is impossible. I'm thinking maybe a rat ranch. It's gotten out of hand and is requiring all her time.


Matt said...

It is possible she has adopted and abandoned kitten, or litter of kittens. It is also possible she is protecting her territory from other felines that have moved into the area.

lewlew said...

Some cats will adopt other babies, like abandoned puppies. Could someone have dumped a kitten or puppy out near you and Click rescued it?

George Potter said...

Agrees w/matt & lewlew. We had a fixed calico named Sash who did this constantly, and a couple of times with baby squirrels, a chipmunk and an injured bird. She was terrible because she was an actual kitten thief, who would wander the neighborhood, stealing kittens from their mothers. haha. I loved that cat. :)

Anonymous said...

One other possibility might be that the night she was gone she was cornered by a feral dog. That might make her a little more jumpy around LB ("My God, *he's* a dog too!").

Or she could have a litter of bunny babies. Awwwww, that would be adorable. Until she ate them.