Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Concerning Geiger Counters...

I got a question in the comments about how one would go about acquiring one of the geiger counters I've been talking about so much for the past month.

Well...the company I've been working for is here, and they do advertise them on the link. The price has skyrocketed in the past month, and isn't going anywhere but up. Part of this is pure greed and opportunism, and part is because just when we started ordering parts in bulk a lot of THOSE prices took a big jump. These are very good, simple meters, not very robust but in every other way an excellent choice - but the price has gone up to $350 and some places is selling for much higher. They're sold under a number of different brand names, but they're all made in a secluded barn in the desert.

If there is substantial interest among TUAK readers, I might be able to help. I also might not - right now we're suffering severe parts shortages and there's no way I can skim any off the top because we can't satisfy the demands of GC Guy's company. But that situation might ease in the next couple of weeks. Until the panic, GC Guy sold them under his own name on Ebay, and if I can get him to sell me the makings at cost, I could possibly get some at a TUAK price of something under $150. I say IF - no promises at this time. There's no way I could make this a regular thing on the blog, because that would be pulling the rug out from under a friend and benefactor, but I'll look into the possibility of a one-time offer if there's any interest out there.

What do you think? If a number of readers are interested, I'll see what I can do. I will warn you up front that, due to my peculiar living arrangements, delivery times are likely to be ridiculously long.


Anonymous said...

Radiation shamdiation, Joel. When are you gonna start assembling night vision optics for my M1A?


Anonymous said...

Don't jeopardize your gig and your friendship. TUAK readers who don't already have a meter and now decide they want one would be well advised to wait just a little bit. Then the inevitable over-production and bust will drive the prices as ridiculously low as they are high right now.

At that point, you might be able to do both your friend and TUAK readers a favor by unloading excess inventory, and make a small, well-earned profit for yourself.

Wait until you hear GC Guy going nuts about all the unused parts and built-up inventory.

I bought mine some years ago, for about $75. I saw the same model on a CA craigslist 2 weeks ago. Asking price: $1500!


Anonymous said...

Joel thanks for your reply. I'm not looking for any favors from you other than the availability of one unit for my single daughter who unfortunately couldn't afford one even before the crisis. I have mine, had it for years.. I told her that I would try to get one for her. I also realize that the prices have skyrocketed, and that the supply right now is practically non existent.

I'm willing to deal with the GC guy directly, no problem. It is the availability connection.

I sure don't want you to jeopardize your position with him, or here at TUATK. Not looking for something for nothing, I would gladly toss you a $tip$ just for your trouble.