Thursday, April 7, 2011

Government shutdown?? OMG!! Gloom! Despair! Shadenfreude!

Whatever shall we do? Here in my hole in the ground I've recently learned what everybody else probably already knows all about - THE GOVERNMNENT'S GONNA SHUT DOWN!!11ZOMG!!

If only.

Of course, remembering last time when "Mr. Newt" thought he could win big points over Clinton by forcing a "shutdown" and got his political ass handed to him instead, the big question really is - Who'll Get Blamed?

Well here's a shock - it depends on who you ask. Conservatives have their answer, liberals have their own. None of these many polls I glanced at asked the real question, and I suppose none ever will:

Why do we need ANY of you bastards?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it'll be like Y2K-something everyone sleeps through and doesn't really notice.