Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh, this is so wrong.

GC Guy's Wife went to the big town about fifty miles away today. She asked if there was something she could pick up there for me. Half joking, I told her I needed a belt holster for a .44 snubby.

She called me from a gun shop for more details. That's the kind of people I live near. 8^)

Anyway, she did find an Uncle Mike's that just barely fits the Taurus, so that's cool till I find something I like better. But I also asked her to pick me up a box of cartridges. She called back a few minutes later: "Are you SURE you want me to buy this?"

Check out this fiscal horror:

Am I saving the brass? Yeah, I think I'm saving the brass. :^(


Carl Bussjaeger said...


I checked Sportsmans Guide. Some better prices there. But not as much better as I was expecting; .44 is pricey stuff, I guess.

But if you can order from SPG (or get someone to do it for you -- I'm even willing if you get cash to me and I have an extra discount), here's what they've got:

Anonymous said...

$.76 a round is pretty pricey in MHO.

I have an adapter for my 12 ga that allows me to use .44 in the shotgun.
Will check the local prices and offer the same "service" as Carl B. has offered.

stay safe,


Anonymous said...

What year was that ammunition made?

Joel said...

It's an old-fashioned looking box, but the ammo is perfectly new.

KurtP said...

I know it's kind of late, but next time you're looking at a cool gun- check the ammo availability.

Of course you could always mail-order one of these:

Then with a bullet mold, you'll never need to worry about off sized ammo again.

Anonymous said...

Yep, those are those cowboy loads I alluded to down below. Durn ridiculous!

Jim said...

I meant to express my envy when you posted the picture of the .44.

You bet, save the brass. If you're not set up for reloading in your current digs, you might find the old Lee Loader useful for the relatively few rounds you'll probably want to fire. It's a little slow, of course, but I used one happily for .45ACP in my college days.