Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is it raining in here?

Got out of work at Geiger Counter Central around three. Spent a little time gathering rocks for the Trench That Will Not End, then headed home through the wash. I'd felt bad all day because last week I'd promised to help M with his dome waterproofing, but that was before I knew GC Guy was back in business. But halfway through the wash I actually encountered M, headed back toward the dome. So I told him I'd be there as soon as I changed my clothes. Hurried to the Interim Lair, grabbed some grubbies and started yanking off my good clothes.

Click the Cat is normally very self-sufficient. If she could handle a bag of cat food she'd rarely want anything to do with me at all. But being a cat, sometimes she changes her mind. I am then obligated to immediately change my own. This afternoon as soon as I walked in she started yowling for attention. I didn't have time for her, so I pretended she wasn't there. I sat on my bed, ignoring her clamor and pulling on my pants. Drops of what appeared to be water started landing on my leg.

I looked up at the storage loft over the bed:

Yes, cats drool. And this one really, really wanted attention.


Carl Bussjaeger said...

I don't pretend to be an expert on cats. But when one is staring at you like that... and drooling...

You should probably be running.

Or something.

Guffaw in AZ said...

My short-haired calico Gracie drooled whenever she sat on my shoulders, purring.
What a mess!
One time, she shook her head -yaddity-yaddity
and caught my wife in the eye.
She's allergic to cats, and her eye swelled up like a baseball.
The ER thought I'd hit her!'s the cat's fault, really!

MamaLiberty said...

Do you have any catnip toys for her? Just a sprinkle of dried catnip on the floor would make her forget all about whatever she was drooling over. Trust me. LOL

LJH said...

Joel, if this drooling is something new, keep an eye on her mouth/teeth. Some cats drool when they purr but it can also be a sign of stomatitis (sp), which is a serious and extremely painful mouth & gum disease.

Fingers crossed she was just doing the drooly-purry thing. If that's the case, go with MamaLiberty's plan & get her stoned.

Anonymous said...

The drool just means she has made up her mind you are dinner as soon as you are courteous enough to die.


Carl Bussjaeger said...

Anonymous, in the immortal words of the hungry vulture, "Patience my ass; I'm going to kill something."

Joel said...

LJH, There's no sign of any illness. Click has always drooled when she gets excited or excessively affectionate. That last one is rare, but it happens.

Anonymous said...

Joel you forgot two of the most important thing about cats. First, never try to out stubborn a cat. Second dogs have masters, cats have staff.

Good luck,

I’m pulling for you.