Sunday, May 15, 2011

pebbles in a trench

The cinders I scavenged a couple of days ago didn't go nearly as far in the leach trench as I hoped, which means I'm quickly down to Plan B - sift pebbles.

By wildest luck the dirt I dug out of the trench isn't exactly a pebble-rich environment, but it's close to the trench so that's what we sifted today. Ah, well.

And that's gonna be the plan for a while. Lots of dirt to sift. This part of the project is likely to go on for quite some time, alas.

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Joe in Reno said...

In the old days they used to put a layer of tar paper on top of the drain rock to keep it from filling up with dirt sifting down through it.
A couple layers of landscape fabric would probably work as well.