Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A very surprising news clip

Seen over at Unc's. Some newsies are asking for unwelcome attention from the Blue Boys' Gang.

Don't they know that the money must be proceeds from nefarious activities? How else could anybody have it? If a person's still got large amounts of money in his possession, he clearly isn't paying his fair share. The police are only trying to right that wrong.


CorbinKale said...

Looks like the term 'highwaymen' is about to experience renewed usage.

Anonymous said...

Glad the MSM is finally discovering this phenomenon. Never mind that they're about 10, maybe 15 years, late with the "news."

MamaLiberty said...

The thing that needs to be said (and won't be by MSM, of course) is that the "war on drugs" is certainly no excuse for this - even if the money confiscated DID come from drug activity of any kind. That's the part they still get all wrong.