Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties Beyond Our Control.

I have wormed my way via this forgotten, spider-webbed passage into the nether regions of MY OWN %$#@ing! BLOG, and am taking this opportunity to inform you that I'm not dead. Couldn't access it at all yesterday. At present Blogger isn't even acknowledging that there's a problem on their end, but I'm apparently not the only one having the trouble: I made the mistake of subscribing to the topic on the Blogger forum, and now must sharpen a shovel and go dig out my inbox. Maybe the tech support guys got raptured over the weekend and we're only now finding out about it.

Since I don't know when or whether this problem is going to be fixed or whether I'm gonna be able to post later today after geiger counters, I'm just going to take this opportunity to make an announcement.

M, Landlady and I are setting up a new group site called The Independent Spirit. It'll be a lot like TUAK, but a bit smoother and less idiosyncratic (IE, Joel Isn't Running It.) More how-to, less politics. I was going to postpone this announcement until we had more content, but now I don't know whether that opportunity will come.

It's been busy around here and I've got to get ready for work now (really never thought that phrase would ever appear here.) If I can post later I will, so please stand by.

Thank You For Your Patience.


The Grey Lady said...

I have been having exactly the same problem accessing my blog. I can not get in with firefox or with explorer but can (so far) with google chrome. WTHoodles is that about??????

Carl Bussjaeger said...

I had the problem yesterday, except I could get in with IE. Not Firefox, though.

I played with cookies, and it started letting me in again. Still not sure if it was a cookie fix or coincidence.